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You send us collective pallets, and we will divide and pack your goods according to customer orders.

You can store your goods in our logistics centre. This way, every single product is included in the system. We place small, rotating products on the shelves in the picking warehouse to be ready for quick delivery, while the larger items remain on the pallets.

The moment your product is sold, we get the information and then find your product. We repackage it in appropriate packaging – boxes. We know perfectly well that packaging a product is a step in the order fulfilment process that has a key impact on your customer’s satisfaction. That is why we guarantee that the right products will be delivered on time and free from damage.

After that, the shipping remains. We provide standard shipping, within 48 hours. Your clients can track its progress in real time.

You also receive this information, so you can monitor your inventory in real time.

The building is secured, and your products safe.

Taking care of orders has never been this easy!

We pick up your products, store them, complete them, pack them and deliver them directly to the customer.

In a few simple steps you will sell, develop and focus on the things you like best, with the confidence that we will take care of your orders.

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