Warehouse services for e-commerce

We have warehouse space at your disposal, where we will safely store your goods until they are sold or transferred to their destination.

Our Fulfilment Centre is located in the East Midlands. It is the central part of England, which additionally guarantees the ease of delivering your goods from our warehouse to your customers.

There is a designated space at your disposal where we will secure your goods until they are sold or transported.

The entire facility is secured and your goods will be insured.

Warehouse services for e-commerce in practice

All you need to do is deliver your goods to us – we will take care of the rest.

We will scan each product according to your specification. Thanks to our advanced IT systems, you will be able to monitor your inventory levels in our logistics center on an ongoing basis.

Your goods will be put on shelves in our safe and well-organized warehouse. Our system will be connected to your store, and if a sale occurs, our system will provide you with detailed information on where and what product to send.

The next step is to print the appropriate stickers and deliver the package to the correct courier.

It will take max. 1 day from the purchase to send out your goods from our warehouse.

No matter how many goods you decide to store in our warehouse, we will always find room for them!

The more - THE CHEAPER!

Warehouse services for e-commerce are also a great solution for people who deal with wholesale or use other warehouses, such as Amazon warehouses.

The limits do not apply to us, so you can send your goods to the UK at any time, and we will constantly replenish your inventory at Amazon or any other place you choose.

In addition, with large transports, you save money on customs clearance and time to fill in the next documents and declarations necessary for the transport of goods.

Use our services and save on transport and time!

Fulfilment for e-commerce in the UK
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