Warehouse company

Our logistics centre is located in central England. You can treat it as your own warehouse and send out your products to individual clients, or other warehouses such as those owned by Amazon, straight from there.

Order services

Say goodbye to massive costs and instead rely on cost-efficient and flexible eCommerce. We receive products, scan and store them, then package them appropriately and automatically deliver them to the clients.


You do not have to look for delivery services in the UK – we will do it all for you. Thanks to this, your products will quickly be delivered from our logistics centre, straight to your clients’ doorstep, anywhere in Great Britain.


There are a multitude of reasons for why a client might want to return a product – and you can count on our help with this. We guarantee a full returns service, so you will not have to worry about your goods, which will safely and quickly return to the warehouse.

What do you get from working with Back2UK?

Time, which you would have to spend on every delivery, customs clearance and the handling of product.

Money, which you would have to spend on sending out your goods.

Safety and high quality storage of your products

Guaranteed delivery deadlines.

Help with customs clearance and calculating the costs of sales in the UK.


Any questions?
Call or email – we are available 24/7.